Sani Pass

Teming the lions head

Endless gravel roads adventure, endless views, amazing weather and friendly people.


10 days

Difficulty level:


Language on tour:

Czech / English


Mpumalanga, South Africa


80% Gravel / 20% Asphalt



As soon as you get on your BMW R 1250 GS, you’ll have your first real experience – meeting the locals who will open the doors of their homes and hearts and share traditional local delicacies with you. And then? Here comes the magic of Country Trax! Two days of adrenaline, fun and most importantly, training. The Intermediate course will start with theoretical instruction and the next two days will focus on off-road motorcycle riding. There will be plenty of in-depth discussions and debates on the theory and principles of motorcycle handling, combined with practical demonstrations, all under the watchful eye of experienced instructors.

It will all take place on the 600-hectare grounds of Country Trax Farm, BMW Motorrad’s world-renowned training centre, located near Amersfoort in Mpumalanga.

Here you will find all types of surfaces and obstacles – from narrow technical trails in the forest to water crossings and sandy tracks. This will give you plenty of time to master different exercises and overcome obstacles in a safe environment. You’ll learn to move like a master on an off-road bike.

Expect days full of training, but also a relaxed environment, family atmosphere, stylish accommodation and luxury food. Whether you choose to go horse riding, fishing or relaxing in the jacuzzi during a rest day, I’m sure you’ll leave the farm feeling thrilled.



It is best to try out the skills gained from the two days of training in practice. Leaving the farm, we’ll take a ride on the amazing wide gravel roads, with history breathing down on us. We’ll be passing through the locations of the Anglo-Boer War. The Anglo-Boer Wars, also known as the Boer Wars, were a series of conflicts between the British Empire and two republics in what is now South Africa between 1880-1881 and 1899-1902.

The main causes of the conflict were economic and political rivalries between the British Empire and the Boer Republics over control of the rich deposits of precious metals, particularly gold and diamonds, in what is now South Africa. One of the most famous Anglo-Boer war battlefields is Blood River, which we will visit on the way on our tour.



And then it comes… Crossing the border into the land of mountain peaks, Lesotho. Sani Pass will open the gateway to this breathtaking territory. Lesotho will amaze us with its mountains, culture and heights that will literally lift us above all our worries. Lesotho is a landlocked country completely surrounded by South Africa. It is famous for its mountainous landscape and is one of the highest countries in the world, with an average altitude of around 1 800 metres. The highest point is Mount Thabana Ntlenyana at 3,482 metres above sea level.

The border crossing will be even more interesting as we will be going over the Sani Pass, which is a mountain pass located in the west of the KwaZulu-Natal province in South Africa. The route over the Sani Pass starts at an altitude of 1 544 metres and climbs to 2 876 metres. South Africa usually only allows four-wheel drive vehicles to pass here, as the gravel road has gradients of up to 1:3. We may only have rear-wheel drive, but getting over the pass will be a piece of cake for us once we’ve completed our training.



Our journey comes to a climax at Moolmanshoek Reserve, a place where history meets nature. In this private reserve, you’ll discover the wild beauty of South Africa in all its glory. Whether on horseback or on foot, every step will reveal the wonders of this landscape, full of wildlife and endless tranquillity.

The original owners, the Moolmans, settled the area and started cattle ranching. Later, the reserve was transformed into a nature reserve and initiatives were launched to protect and preserve the natural environment. Moolmanshoek offers a wide range of experiences, from unforgettable horseback rides to peaceful mountain trails that encompass 3,300 hectares of stunning nature. The reserve is a natural monument and is made up of endless green pastures and mountain streams that form natural lagoons. This area is home to a rich fauna, which will give us the opportunity to see various species of animals such as antelopes, hippos, ostriches, zebras, wild pigs, hedgehogs, jackals, caracals and servals.

Price included:

Price not included:



13.11. - 22.11.


Max. capacity 10 riders

6199,- EUR


26.2. - 7.3.


Max. capacity 10 riders

6199,- EUR

Daily schedule

DAY 00

Departure from Vienna at evening

DAY 01

Arrival to Johannesburg, hotel check-in and welcome dinner

DAY 02

Motorcycle pick-up and heading to Country Trax

DAY 03

Trainnig in Country Trax - Intermediate course

DAY 04

Trainnig in Country Trax - Intermediate course

DAY 05

Country Trax farm - rest day - fishing, horse riding, braai

DAY 06

Drive through the historic Anglo-Boer War battlefields

DAY 07

Crossing Sani Pass and night in Lesotho

DAY 08

Move to Moolman Shoek Game Reserve

DAY 09

Moolman Shoek Game Reserve - rest day

DAY 10

Return of motorcycles, Departure from Johannesburg around midday

DAY 11

Arrival to Vienna around midday

Most frequent questions and answers

The booking of the expedition will be approved after payment of 50% of the total price and then we will contact you with the further steps regarding the payment of the remaining part of the price. The total price is due at least 30 days before the start of the expedition.

Payment is accepted in Euros only.

No, there is no visa requirement for tourists from the European Union for stays of less than 90 days. If you are not a resident of the European Union, please check with your representative office.

We recommend that you have valid travel insurance and consult with your doctor or travel medicine center for vaccinations. However, no vaccinations are compulsory.

Yes, motorcycle support and service will be provided if needed, and an assistance vehicle with a spare motorcycle will also travel with us.

The expedition is suitable for intermediate riders, but we will spend the first two days at the „Country Trax“ adventure school where we will take your skills to a whole new level.

The course includes theory and practical training under the guidance of highly experienced instructors such as Jan Du Toit, Warren Venter or Andrew Lakomý.

None is compulsory, but we recommend that you consult withyour doctor. We recommend the following as such travel essentials in our experience: hepatitis A+B, typhoid, rabies.

Yes, you do. It’s not necessary because of the police, but in case an accident can sometimes cause problems with insurance companies. For example, issuing one in the Czech Republic costs only 2€ and you will receive your licence immediately.

Yes, there are always seats available in the escort car. Please contact us for more information.

Yes, there should be a connection to the internet everywhere in the hotels.

Those interested should have a valid motorcycle licence and basic motorcycle handling skills.

We will send you a list of recommended items before departure. The basics are appropriate moto gear for off-road motorcycle riding and personal items.   Of course, you can consult with us.

During the expedition you will ride a BMW R1250 GS, which each participant will take over at the start.

Yes, a professional photographer will be with us during the expedition.

In our past experience, you will not spend more than €350-550 from your wallet.

All of our tourguides are experienced mechanics and BMW experts, so we can solve many potential repairs on the spot. If the bike were to become unrideable, you’ll receive a spare motorcycle, which is on the support car.

In January and February, temperatures tend to be in Johannesburg and the surrounding area can reach 30°C during the day and drop to a pleasant 17°C at night. So absolutely ideal conditions for motorcycling when it’s snowing in Europe.

Yes, of course. Just please let us know as soon as possible so we can get prepared.

Of course, Laundry services are available at the places we stay except at Country Trax and Bush Boys.

The price of the flight ticket includes 2x checked baggage 23 kg and 1x cabin baggage 7kg. We have tested that there is no problem to fit in the weight limit even with all moto equipment. Please take into account that at least one checked bag will take up your moto equipment.


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